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Living in Livingston

A community that is committed to sustainability with premium location, vibrant natural beauty and convenient access to many amenities may sound to be good to be true. Yet, sitting at the north of Calgary, awaits Livingston.

Published on: August 16, 2023


Location, location, location!

Livingston’s superior location allows for easy access to numerous amenities, with convenient proximity to public transit, which will include future additions to the C train. It takes under 15 minutes to get to the airport, and around 20 to be in the heart of downtown. Livingston sits right beside both Deerfoot and Stoney trail, allowing for easily traversing across the city without persistent gridlock.


The community boasts an impressive resume of amenities, it is close to many local businesses, as well as established franchises such as Tim’s and McDonald’s. Livingston Market is the crowned jewel, where you can find everything from simple groceries to niche boutiques to spice up your wardrobe. Those who’ve lived in south Calgary know that going to the CrossIron Mills shopping mall can sometimes feel like a day trip, but that is not the case for Livingston. Living here means you’re a mere 10 minutes away from some of the best deals in Calgary, with almost every store you’ll ever need. For those seeking fun, Livingston is under 15 minutes away from The REC Room, one of Calgary’s most popular and sought after entertainment facilities for people of all ages!

Additionally, Livingston has seven schools in the community, with more to come, with a wide range of preschool and K-12 options to fit your family’s needs. These include public, catholic, and other alternative programs that can provide what you’re looking for.


The sense of community is profound. A village-style way of living promotes a healthy way of living, surrounded by bright and vibrant nature that is well maintained year-round. Access to an off-leash dog park, biking/hiking trails, a bike pump track, and three beautiful parks means plenty of opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you live in the outdoors or like going for occasional strolls, Livingston has what you’re looking for. The Hub community center is state-of-the-art and over 35,000 square feet. Complete with a fitness center, swimming pool, skating rink, tennis court, basketball court and two soccer fields!

While the physical presence of the community is undoubtedly apparent, what sets Livingston apart is the pride its residents take in their community and participating in environmentally friendly practices. This is exemplified through routine neighbourhood clean-ups, well-maintained lawns, and events such as annual summer festivals for kids and adults alike. The community’s commitment to environmentally friendly living practices and inclusion makes Livingston at the forefront of sustainable living. Active participation in these events makes it easy to forge lasting relationships with your neighbours and truly feel at home!

Avalon Homes begins construction in winter 2023, with its first possessions in 2024. This is the first of many ZEN communities to feature Net Zero and Net Zero Ready homes exclusively. There is no better time to experience Livingston for yourself. Make sure to register for all relevant Net Zero updates.