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ZEN Sequel net zero building with solar panels on the roof.

Advantages of a Net Zero Home

Avalon Master Builder is helping re-design homeownership with Net Zero Homes – a better home for you and the environment.

Published on: November 28, 2019

1 – Health and Comfort

  • Net Zero Homes have higher air quality, reducing pollens, allergens and associated respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, providing a cleaner and healthier environment for your family.
  • High-performance windows help keep internal temperatures comfortable and consistent year-round.
  • You can breathe easy, knowing we only use non-toxic materials and supplies, combined with cutting-edge fresh air systems.
  • Relax in a well-insulated, tight home that is built to eliminate outside noise such as traffic or lawnmowers.

2 – Energy Efficiency

  • Net Zero homes use Passive solar design to enhance natural daylight, filling your home with light and warmth. High-quality insulation reduces energy costs.
  • A Net Zero home is built airtight with superior insulation and can generate as much renewable energy as it uses.
  • Through extensive draught-proofing around doors, windows, baseboards, and where pipes enter the house, Net Zero homes remain airtight.
  • Smart appliances, low-flow toilets and hot water on-demand help to decrease water usage and energy costs.

3 – Affordability

  • High energy bills are a thing of the past, as Net Zero homes generate most – if not all its own energy.
  • Energy-saving dishwashers, washing machines and toilets, as well as smart controls, help reduce water consumption and energy costs.
  • Don’t heat the entire water tank, you can get hot water on demand when you need it and save money too.
  • Net Zero homes can generate additional electricity putting it back into the power grid and crediting your account.
  • Your smart investment in a Net Zero home today will begin to pay off immediately and grow exponentially.

4 – Environmental

  • The technology and design of a Net Zero home reduce(s) carbon emissions.
  • By using energy-saving LED lights and Smart controls, you’re able to control where and when you need electricity.
  • Net Zero homes minimize your ecological footprint, reducing greenhouse gasses by 5 to 8 tons per year over a conventional new home.

When you examine the advantages of Net Zero homes, it’s clear that they provide a healthier and more affordable option to homeownership.

Net Zero homes have been gaining popularity for many years. Owners benefit from their smart decisions to invest in sustainable homes that provide a healthier and more comfortable place to live. Net Zero Homes are the future.

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