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A two-storey net zero building rendering with solar panels on the roof.

Where to Rent

Save month-to-month with an energy-efficient townhome

Renters sometimes compromise on what they want – comfort, efficiency, high-quality features – in the name of affordability. Unfortunately, they end up throwing money away on monthly bills, trying to keep up with an inefficient home.

What if you could save month-to-month without compromising on comfort or quality?

Emerge Living in Arbour Lake

High performance, high quality rental townhomes

Avalon is committed to providing affordable, sustainable, and high-quality housing solutions. Emerge Living in Arbour Lake in Northwest Calgary will consist of 87 Net Zero and Net Zero Ready townhomes for rent – Alberta’s largest Net Zero multi-family rental community.

These homes will be designed to meet the needs of renters, from young families to seniors, while reducing their carbon footprint through energy efficient design and technologies.

We look forward to sharing more details about this project as it progresses!


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