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Forerunners in Affordable Net Zero Homes

It all adds up to a better living experience

Why Avalon

Building since 1983, we have been leading the standard in Net Zero homes for over two decades. As founding members of multiple green committees, including the national chair of the CHBA Net Zero Council, we are industry leaders in comfortable, affordable, and energy-efficient homes.

Improve Your Living Experience

We build every home with the same philosophy. We use energy-efficient products and earth-friendly building materials so you can be proud of where you live, help the environment, and save money. We combine performance and technology with affordability, comfort, style, and sustainability. The result is peace of mind, an enhanced lifestyle, and a home you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends.

Save more than the earth

A Net Zero home is designed, modeled, and built to produce as much energy as it consumes annually and is up to 80% more efficient than a typical new home.

Net Zero for Zero Dollars

When you add up the cost of the mortgage payment and the utility savings, the cost of owning an Avalon Net Zero Home is $0. You get an exceptional living experience for no extra monthly cost than a traditional townhome.

Curated to last

Each Avalon development gives you a choice of floorplans in both 2- and 3- storey City homes and one-level Flat styles. We select materials and features designed to preserve your home’s style and value long after you move in. Create a lifelong home that shows off your flair and style with features and options just as unique as you are.

Greener, cleaner townhomes

Being energy-efficient doesn’t mean compromising on comfort. Our Net Zero homes have better air quality, no cold corners, and less outside noise for a healthier, more comfortable home. For us, building green means reducing energy, water, and pollution and being healthier and more comfortable.

Greater Comfort | Healthier Living | Same Net Cost

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Building to Net Zero

We’ve built a complete package of energy-efficient, durable products and features for our townhomes

  • Insulation levels 50%-60% higher than traditional homes
  • Fresh Air System HRV continuously exchanges stale air for fresh filtered air
  • Air-Source Heat Pumps & Heat Pump Water Heaters to pull heat to and from your home
  • Double-Coated, Triple-Pane Windows
  • Solar Panels
  • Energy Efficient Appliances
  • LED Lighting that meets Energy Star™ standards
  • And best of all? The same net cost as standard non-net zero townhomes

Third-Party Verified

Every Avalon home is third-party EnerGuide™ rated, giving you the assurance of a guaranteed energy efficiency rating on your new home. An EnerGuide™ rating shows a standard measure of a home’s energy performance. It shows you (and future owners) exactly how energy efficient your home is.

Our Awards

Recent awards group

  • 2014 Emerald Award, Public Education and Outreach – Discovery 5 House
  • 2013 Roxul Elite Builder Award – Cross Border Challenge – Discovery 5 House
  • 2013 Home Owner Mark of Excellence – Platinum
  • 2012 First LEED for Homes Platinum Certification in Alberta (CaGBC) – Discovery 5 House
  • 2012 Calgary Awards Environmental Achievement
  • 2012 Emerald Award – Individual Achievement, Ryan Scott
  • 2010 NetZero Energy Coalition NetZero Award – Discovery 4 House