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Rent a New Townhome

Save month-to-month with a new energy-efficient townhome in Arbour Lake.

Where to Rent

Save month-to-month with a new energy-efficient townhome in Arbour Lake.

Where to Rent

Save more than the earth

Time and time again, we’ve watched renters compromise what they want – comfort, efficiency, high-quality features – in the name of affordability. Unfortunately, they end up throwing money away on monthly bills, trying to keep up with an inefficient home.

What if you could save month-to-month without compromising on comfort or quality?

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Greater Comfort

Healthier Living

Net Cost

Building to Net Zero

We’ve built a complete package of energy-efficient, durable products and features for our townhomes

  • Air filters for exceptional indoor air quality and healthier living
  • Better heating, cooling and ventilation for even temperatures throughout the home (no cold corners)
  • Increased insulation reduces exterior noise
  • Low maintenance lifestyle – spend your weekends having fun, not maintaining a yard
  • A townhome that produces as much energy as it consumes
  • And best of all? Up to 80% energy savings on monthly utilities

Committed to Net Zero by 2050

We think we’re better off sharing everything that we’ve learned so that everybody is just building in this fashion because that will only help us all meet the building industry climate targets set for 2030 and 2050.

~ Chris Williams, President, Avalon Master Builder

Our Awards

2014 Emerald Award, Public Education and Outreach – Discovery 5 House

2013 Roxul Elite Builder Award - Cross Border Challenge – Discovery 5 House

2013 Home Owner Mark of Excellence – Platinum

2012 First LEED for Homes Platinum Certification in Alberta (CaGBC) – Discovery 5 House

2012 Calgary Awards Environmental Achievement

2012 Emerald Award – Individual Achievement, Ryan Scott

2010 NetZero Energy Coalition NetZero Award – Discovery 4 House