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Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV)

Maintenance and User Information

Published on: February 28, 2024

What is an HRV?

Your HRV is like the lungs of your home, it pumps in outside air, filters it, and then circulates the air through the house and plays a critical role in moisture management.

Your HRV, furnace or baseboard heaters work together to create a whole home system, that when properly maintained, ensures a comfortable and efficient indoor living space.

Why do I need an HRV?

Your Avalon home is built airtight and energy efficient, which is great for low energy bills, but not a lot of air gets in or out, and moisture stays in the home. Your HRV stops air from becoming stale and removes excess moisture that otherwise could damage the finishes of your home. The HRV is connected to your garden suite bathroom(s) fan and upper floor townhome bathroom fans. So always have your HRV ON!

How to set your HRV:

  • Never turn your HRV off!
  • Set the moisture to 30% – never higher.
  • Reduce the moisture setting to 20% if there is frost or humidity build-up.
  • Always leave your air circulation setting at 20/40 – 20 min of fresh air intake and 40 min air circulation per hour.

(Click here to view button functions for your HRV.)

Does my HRV require maintenance?

YES! There is some basic maintenance that will keep your HRV and indoor air fresh and the whole home system working optimally.

HRV Maintenance:

Inside your HRV there are two types of filters that need to be regularly rinsed with water.

  • Two Green Foam filters, rinse every three months.
  • Diamond Center Filter, rinse every six months.
  • Only rinse with water, do not use soaps or detergents.

The filters can be put back in wet, your HRV is plumbed to a drain in the floor.

How to rinse your filters in 5 easy steps

  • We recommend putting reminders in your phone calendars for HRV Maintenance!

HRV Emergencies:

If you are experiencing an HRV failure during business hours and you are within the 2-year ANHW insurance period, use this QR code to submit a service request right away.

If your HRV issue is taking place after-hours, on weekends, or holidays, please use the emergency HVAC number located on your electrical panel.

Please contact us at service@avalonmasterbuilder.com to alert us of any after-hours emergency so we can follow up and action next steps if necessary.

Out of warranty?

Contact the HVAC service provider of your choice right away.

Questions and Concerns:

If you have any additional questions or concerns about changing your furnace filter, please contact us at service@avalonmasterbuilder.com.