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A living room designed in the boho style by Avalon Master Builders

Staging Your Home to Sell

Published on: March 31, 2017

Tips to Wow Home Shoppers With Your Property

There is no denying the impact of first impressions when viewing a house. When a potential buyer first walks into your home, they want it to feel like home. The good news is you can change ‘small’ into ‘cozy’ and ‘house’ into ‘home’ with a few tweaks that can also be budget-friendly!

Avalon’s designer Dean has offered tips to maximize your home’s potential. Here are a few tips to create an irresistible home that will sell quickly and get you the top dollar.

  1. Clean & Declutter: A good cleaning from the floors to the ceiling and everything in between will present your home in the best possible light to homebuyers. Now is the time to box up knickknacks and declutter each room in the home. Clutter will only detract homebuyers from focusing on the purpose of each room and make it feel smaller.
  2. It’s the Little Things: The minor details are bigger than you think. Fill in any nicks in the walls, replace any burnt-out light bulbs and fix any leaky faucets. A simple addition of plants or fresh flowers can liven up any room. These details will show potential buyers that the property has been well taken care of.
  3. Highlight the Best Use of Space: Understand the amount of space that you are working with and keep the furniture to scale. By eliminating any bulky items, you are adding visual space to the room. Swap the oversized loveseat with lighter chairs. Simplicity is key when de-cluttering the space. Remove anything that does not add to the décor of the room and may take attention away from what is really important-your home.
  4. Inexpensive Upgrades: Need a refresh in your home that has the most bang for its buck? A simple coat of paint on a home’s walls can brighten any room’s feeling. The trick is to use a neutral paint colour that will brighten up the room without absorbing any natural light through the windows.

With these simple recommendations, you can position your home for a fast sale at top dollar.